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Pigeon Control Net

Our highly trained bird control specialists have the skill & expert equipment to protect your family & home from these birds.

Bird Netting: Birds are beautiful like kingfisher but did you know Doctors say that pigeon droppings they can be very dangerous as well for human beings. These droppings stink the place up but they also carry dangerous bacteria, toxic chemicals and spores.

it is installed with robust mounting system our netting doesn’t harm birds it just acts as a barrier for them from entering.


Bird Netting Benefits & Features:

  1. High breaking strength
  2. HDPE Net Material (High Density Polyethylene Net)
  3. UV Resistant ( Longer life and less likely to go brittle when exposed to sunshine)
  4. Water & Weather proof – No Rusting
  5. No visibility Lose and Does not block air
  6. Color: Black & White
  7. 3 years warranty

 it is installed with Stainless steel frame work , by this it’s giving your home a neat and beautiful appearance.

Pigeon Control Spikes

Birds are on the move!

Stop them before they land

Installs premium stainless steel and polycarbonate bird spikes.

Bird Spikes:  Bird Spikes are used on buildings and structures to keep pest birds from landing and roosting.  It can be installed on Air Conditioners, Window Ledges, CCTV Cameras, Railings, Columns and Sign Boards etc.


Spikes Befits & Features:

  1. Humane & effective solution to deter larger birds
  2. Easy to install – glue, screw or tie down to most surfaces
  3. Use on flat or curved surfaces
  4. Patented centre spike design – no gaps for birds to nest between
  5. Made of durable, sun and weather resistant materials
  6. Virtually invisible once installed
  7. Industry leading guarantee of 3 years.

Pigeon Spikes come in 2ft. sections.  Choose by the linear feet you need to protect.  

Sports Net

Sports net are an essential part of various games like Cricket Net, Football Nets golf,etc. Ours range of nets have been widely appreciated by players, coaches and sports lovers around

The globe.The various sports net include: 

  1. Hand Woven Netting Machine Made Nets
  2. Football Nets
  3. Cricket Nets

Balcony Safety Net

Balcony safety nets are installed to give safety and well being at home protecting children, adults, pets and objects that may fall from height, terraces, balcony, window, doors, stairs, pools etc. Balcony nets are helps us to protect our properties as well as people.

Each wire of the balcony nets brings a knot individual so it delivers greater security if it breaks. The nylon net for balcony can be cut to install with special ties and require screw eye to fasten to the deck if the netting secures directly to the floor. Enjoy some fresh air while keeping your home secure for babies and toddlers.

Cricket Practice Net

Serving customers nearly decades, SPOTLESS cricket practice nets has consistently been entrenched as quality sports products dealers. We diligently value you and your purchase providing you with a wide array of the best products at competitive prices. SPOTLESS Enterprises are specialist in professional sports netting. We have access to the largest stock of cricket practice nets in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

Cricket practice nets by SPOTLESS safety net include ultimate cricket netting. Enjoy extra hours of practice in the safety of your own home. It should be used in conjunction with cricket lessons from a recognized cricket schools provide practice facilities for cricketer to do their home work before the next coaching lesson. Cricket practice nets are designed to allow the batsman required to manoeuvres as they would have in match situations whilst making bowling and batting training more time effective as it reduces the amount of time spent. If you are searching for a quality advanced and affordable cricket practice nets, than you are at right place and you can compare and choose the best.

Glass Safety Net

SPOTLESS has expatriation in fixing Glass Building Safety Nets, Which protect outside glass. Glass Building Nets are used mainly 2 purpose

  1. If any protest happening near the building, there might be the chance that someone may throw stones on glass buildings which cost in heavily, to avoid such thing glass safety nets are used. Example in Hyderabad  protest many building owners fixed our nets and saved lot of money, which would cost them on glass fixing
  2. In any case if glass are suspected that it may fall down, in such case these glass building nets can be used.

Construction Safety Net

The real estate sector in India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The growth of the industry is attributed mainly due to the great demand for housing for Indians huge population and rapid urbanization. Be safe on your construction site. One out of ten construction workers is injured on the job every year and falls are the main leading cause of construction accidents, injuries and fatalities. We make our netting from a high tenacity, nylon mesh and we can combine it with rope, where there is construction, there is debris falling or flying objects that can seriously injure people and severely damage property.


SPOTLESS construction safety netting wraps your building in safety, protecting workers, pedestrians and nearby structure from harm. Industrial safety nets are typically lighter but just as strong and often includes a flame retardant protection for added safety. They are ideal for many materials handling application and available in prepacked or caution configuration. We need highly advanced technical instruments to manufacture safety nets. So every one need to take precautions when you assign work on heights for workers. Don’t ignore to get installing safety nets for your construction areas, it will help your life and avoid dangerous incidents

Commercial Cleaning Image

Commercial Cleaning

What services are included in Commercial Cleaning?

Work Stations/ Side Partitions Cleaning

Chairs/Sofas cleaning

Carpet/floor cleaning

Glass/Windows Cleaning

  1. We Clean and disinfect workplaces using hospital-grade disinfectants and innovative equipment.
  2. Regardless of your type of business, our Cleaning System Program is the right service for any kind of
  3. cleaning job.
  4. We specialize in cleaning different types and sizes of offices,medical facilities, healthcare buildings,
  5. fitness centers, health clubs,daycare centers and educational facilities etc….