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cleaning tips    Dec 07,2017

Hardwood, tiles, stone or another hard-surface floor adds more value to your home, with low maintenance will attract many people. Follow the below given few simple tips for floor cleaning.



If your floor is apparently dull or listless, use three cups of vinegar to half-gallon of mild water and clean the floor with the wet mop, then dry and see the change.  Never use vinegar solution directly on marble floors because chemicals will damage the floor shining. This method will help your floor to shine and bring back the life of your floor.

Use a Squeegee


Ceramic tile floors look beautiful and classy, the tiles have a little tendency so, they will get dull easily.  One of the  best trick to take care of your ceramic tile, use a wet mop to spread a warm, soapy solution on the ceramic floor. Then clean the floor with a squeegee to removing the soapy water and make a clear floor. After every stroke, wipe the mop with a dry towel to avoid the slips and to get a sparkling floor.

Iron off Wax

iron of wax

When candle wax drops on your floor, it seems hopeless to get every last flake. But really it wasn’t that difficult. Maybe the wax is still wet, use an ice to cool and make it as solid. Then use a credit card or knife to remove the wax. Finally, spread slightly twelve layers of paper towel across the damaged area and put a warm iron over the towels. The wax will get soften and drain into the towels. If the paper towels will saturate through, sure to change them to avoid the damage to your iron.



Hairspray will make your floor clean and spotless with its quick actions like spray basic sticky qualities. A common soap floor cleaning solution didn’t help to cut through the accretion. Rather, use a clean fabric and ammonia to away the hairspray. Surely the area is well-ventilated. Don't use ammonia on marble floors, hairspray also damages the marble floors. So prevent the hairspray in the environment of marble completely. To clean the marble floors use a clear water or a specially prepared solution for marble floor cleaning.

Use salt to remove broken eggs spots

egg spots

You may be dropped egg on your hard floor and it seems impossible to clean. But actually, it is simple to clean. Pour a tablespoon salt over the spilled egg. The salt will absorb the slush of the egg and let you to quickly clean the mess without extending the egg whites over your floor. Then get a clean look on your floor.

Freeze Off Gum

freeze gum

Maybe in your house have a gum chewer or by mistakenly stepping on some in the parking area, you are clear to know what a problem it is and to clean gum off from your hard floor. Next time, use an ice cube on the top of the gum to cool and make it solid almost at the point of freezing. Once the gum is freeze lift off easily with a plastic spatula or credit card.

Seal fresh grout

sealing floor

Grout is highly porous material and absorbs spills quickly. In order to save your uncounted hours of time and energy at floor cleaning, surely to seal the grout of your new tile floor with a great-quality grout sealant purchase at local home development store. These sealants will not last forever, so indeed to reapply as needed.


To look  your home more beautiful, spend some time for floor cleaning, they will charm your home with beauty and grace for years. The floor cleaning tips will help you to overcome the common problems with cleaning your floors and alternatively leave you time to do something.

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