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Step by Step Toilet Cleaning Tips
Step by Step Toilet Cleaning Tips

Step by Step Toilet Cleaning Tips

home cleanliness    Dec 06,2017

House cleaning is not high on people list of favorite tasks, but that cleaning the toilet ranks at the very bottom of the list of tasks. If you can just close your eyes and glide easily through this aspect of cleaning there will be more happiness in the world in general! The toilet might be out of appearance but it cannot be neglected. You have put toilet cleaning off sometimes and you may understand exactly why you all do it. But at the same time, being more efficient when cleaning decrease the pain at actually having to get on your knees and start scrubbing away. But don't worry, Follow the below-given toilet cleaning tips to make your bathroom shine and save your time. So wear your gloves and let's start cleaning!

1. Get your toilet cleaning tools


cleaning tools


Your tools will change your time depending on different surfaces and floors that you are going to clean. Cleaning equipment may contain a bucket, scrub brush, an old toothbrush, cleaning solutions, sponges, gloves and much more to clean your toilet. These are basic toilet cleaning tools, you can get in markets and also online sites.

2. Spray tub & shower  


shower and toilet


You will spend more time to clean the tub, shower, and commode. It also depends upon the liquid cleaner that you have used, the strength, and the surface it has been applied too. Spray the bathtub and shower first with your the cleaning solution or cavity and mildew remover. Moving to the commode, spray chemical liquid (inner and outer) from top to bottom.

3. Clean the toilet bowl


toilet bowl


To get out any hard water tints, easily drain the bowl and next spray the unclean area with undiluted vinegar. Once the toilet bowl saturated with the vinegar sprinkle a tolerant amount of borax to the vinegar and leave an hour. Then use a rubbing stone to scrub the stains away. Take the brush and scrub inside. Clean the toilet and then take review around for anything you missed. 

4. Clean outside toilet


outside of toilet


Most difficult stains on porcelain will reach directly if cleaned with a paste made of borax and water or powdered alum and water. Simply stroke well and then wipe down with lemon juice or vinegar to remove an extra stain. Mop down the top, front and sides to the seat, border and then outside of the toilet bowl then clean and dry as you go. Take some time to clean the floor over the toilet. Mainly patience is the most important thing in these areas increases the overall shine of the bathroom.

5. Spray the sink area & mirror


sink area


Don't use too much amount of liquid to the frame because depending upon the product material, you may lose the mirror frame. Now come to the sink area, take all items off the reverse clean them and set them away. Spray the sinks and clutter free counter-tops with your cleaner. 

6. Clean the taps


taps cleaning


Water taps and sink places may have more white spots called hard water drops. The white-dazy stain is hard to remove and shows up around the tap opening. The water stains are possible to clean by using the vinegar or rust removal solutions. Clean the sink bowls with soft scrub. 

7. Clean the bathtub drain


drain clean


Hard water is one the main reason to make spots on your faucets and drains. Use the white vinegar to remove the spots and stains. When the tub and walls are scrubbed clean, take your old toothbrush then scrub the faucet and the drain. There may any hidden gunk around and behind the fitting places, the toothbrush will help you to clean the small spaces.

After spending your valuable time on toilet cleaning you will reward yourself because your bathroom will look good and smell clean. 

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