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Sofa cleaning :  Simple tips for cleaning fabric sofa at home
Sofa cleaning :  Simple tips for cleaning fabric sofa at home

Sofa cleaning : Simple tips for cleaning fabric sofa at home

cleaning tips    Dec 08,2017

Fabric sofas look extreme and give more comfort. When you start cleaning your home the fabric sofa cleaning is one of the major nightmares. But spills are a leap to happen from time to time and you want to decorate your couch with the beautiful plastic covers, be sure that you need to know about fabric sofa cleaning.


Clean your sofa cover every 2 months. Maximum fabric sofas are generally dark in colour and people cannot find a visible stain on it. Few times the sofas will cover with full of dust and it will cause to itching, cough and unpleasant health. In rainy season you should take more care of your sofa because to avoid from the bad smell or if you are having a pet you have to clean sofa regularly. Actually many professional sofa cleaners are available in the market, but still, self-cleaning is the best and cheapest privilege. Here are some important and simple cleaning tips.

Vacuum clean the sofa

vacuum cleaner

Do exhaustively vacuum clean to the fabric sofa, it will help you to clean the dry dust and dirt from the sofa. Use the vacuum cleaner to your sofa once in 15 days.

Check the gaps

sofa gaps

Ensure anything will be stuck in the gap between the back seat and low seat. If you are having kids at home they will try to put something in the gaps like papers or pencils, little things and across the time it may get stuck in the gap. So you should check time to time always.

Do spot cleaning

spot cleaning

To clean your sofa, use warm water and gentle detergent or sofa cleaner. However, you should be careful about sofa cleaners because it may contain bleach and will damage your sofa, for precaution apply the chemical solution on a back side of the sofa and see the response then proceed the cleaning.

Hard stain


For hard stains (like oily spots or grease spot) use a vinegar to remove. If vinegar isn't available also use alcohol or vodka to clean out the stains. After pouring the solution use the old toothbrush to rub the spot and clean, after clean dry the sofa.

Odour-free the sofa

baking soda solution

When your sofa smell bad, use dry baking soda water, it will surely help to remove the dirty smell. If may you have pets you must apply the solution and also use Dettol water for the cheerful smell it will help you to wash out the bacteria.

Dry wet spot

water spot on sofa

Sometimes suddenly water or drinks may drip on your sofa, at that time you should use your hair dryer to dry the wet spots because it will take more time to dry naturally.


The fabric sofa cleaning tips will help you to clean your sofa perfectly and give a cool look to your living room or home. And also you will get a pleasant smell from the sofa when you follow the above tips.

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