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Sofa cleaning : How to Clean Sofa With a Steamer
Sofa cleaning : How to Clean Sofa With a Steamer

Sofa cleaning : How to Clean Sofa With a Steamer

cleaning tips    Dec 13,2017

The mist produced by a dry-steam cleaner let you to fresh and sanitize the sofa without using chemicals. The high-temperature steam also set free and dissolves surface dirt, brightening the sofa fabric's colors. Steam cleaner units contain a variety of cleaning types. Use the cleaning type, which is recommended for a sofa by your appliance's manufacturer and few from sofa cleaning services.


sofa cleaning


1. Remove the steam cleaner boiler cap and fill with water, and replace the cap. Make sure it is thoroughly in position. Fix the hose that includes the steam gun. Maybe steam gun has any safety lock, activate it so steam didn't release accidentally. Connect the cleaner to an electrical outlet and switch on it. Leave the steam cleaner to heat up.


2. Vacuum the sofa firmly to take off all loose dirt and debris. Use the sofa cover attachment, and go across every surface. Maybe the sofa has loose seat cushions remove them and apply the vacuum to all of their surfaces. Attach the slit nozzle to clean gaps of the sofa sides as well as along the back.


3. Fold a microfiber cloth to form a thick cleaning pad and attach it to the equipment, which is recommended for the sofa by your steam cleaner's manufacturer or sofa cleaning services. Unlock the safety lock on the steam trigger. Let out the steam into a bowl until any extra water in the tube or steam attach pipe has run off and only dry vapour is produced. Add the cleaning equipment to the steam gun.



4. Set the steam pressure mode from cautions, which is recommended for upholstery by the steamer's manufacturer. Release the steam and mildly wipe a small, hidden area of the sofa with the help of microfiber cloth. Then activate the safety lock. Pause 15 minutes and inspect the cleaned area. If it has endured no adverse effects then you will get a satisfaction with the result. Clean the rest of sofa as well as.


5. Alternately change the microfiber cloth from the cleaning head during the cleaning process. The steam heat and pressure will help you to loosen the dirt and which is then collected by the cloth, so the cloth changing is very important and ahead it reaches maximum dirt absorption capacity.


6. Leave the sofa in open space to get completely dry. Deactivate the steam cleaner to cool ahead remove waste water from the boiler and remove the pipe. Clean the microfiber cloths with warm water and detergent. Wash off them thoroughly, but don't use fabric softener as this affects their dirt absorption capabilities.


7. Finally apply the vacuum again, when it is completely dry. Because this will remove any dirt or waste from the steam cleaner.

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