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Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Toilet Tank
Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Toilet Tank

Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Toilet Tank

cleaning tips    Dec 11,2017

Most of the people will never think about their toilet tank until there is a problem with the toilet tank. In general, people assuredly don't regard a certain way of cleaning a toilet tank, but something you need to do on a daily basis. Dirt and bacteria increase inside of the toilet tank so cleaning is essential, twice a year being perfect. It is not a tough task and daily cleaning is immense for the overall cleanliness of your house. Here are few tips to give a perfect clean your toilet.

Drain Water


drain water


To be able to connect the tank drain properly inside of the toilet and stop the water to the toilet through the valve placed below that tank and flush. After this process, the tank will then drain, so you can clean the toilet and its tank in properly.





You will attain a more careful cleaning in case you start by spraying the inside of toilet tank with disinfectant. After spraying you should wait 10 to 15 minutes to clean the tank because the chemical will remove much of the dirt and make your job simple. Using a disinfectant will help you to kill most of the germs.

Toilet Brush


toilet brush


Use a toilet cleaning brush to wash the tank, instead of a cloth. The handle of the brush is long enough to support more extended reach and the shape of cleaning brush means it can reach the corners of toilet tank for making perfect cleaning.

Bleach Tablet


bleach tablet


When you have cleaned your toilet, you should keep it clean and germ-free. So, use a bleach tablet to maintain your toilet and toilet tank.  Also, the tablet will give a pleasant smell.

Replace Damaged Parts


damaged parts


At cleaning time, check the parts inside the tank for wear and tear. In case any need or any replacements are required, first empty the tank and clean then start the process of replacement. You should also take the opportunity to oil any essential parts in the flushing apparatus. Maybe the process will help you to operate more smoothly.

Clean Mineral Deposits


mineral deposit


There is an easy way to clean the dirty mineral deposits inside of toilet tank. With the tank draw off or refill to just below the top over the overflow tube with the help of vinegar and also you can use a regular cola (not diet). Soak it overnight and then blush the liquid away. Lastly, use a toilet brush to scrub away any remaining deposits.

Use a Pumice Stone


pumice stone


Your toilet is made of vitreous china stone then you should use a pumice stone to scrub away deposits from your toilet tank. Because the stone can remove the stain easily from the vitreous china and never use a pumice stone for cleaning on any other type of toilets, cause it gives dullness to the toilet top layer.

What Not to Use




Don’t use the automatic toilet bowl cleaners that can be dropped in the toilet tank. The chemicals on these can corrosion the rubber flapper valve and it causes a leak.

Remove Mildew


remove mildew


Maybe your toilet contains mildew, you should clean it out and use bleach tablets to control, but sometimes it didn't work properly. So, you just need to buy a water purification system to remove the mildew altogether.

Remove Rust


remove mildew


Rust it is one of the major problems in damage causes of the toilet tank like leakages, mildew. To remove the rust from your laundry and toilets you should use a rust remover. Those are available in supermarkets or hardware stores.

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