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Simple tips for cleaning vinyl floor
Simple tips for cleaning vinyl floor

Simple tips for cleaning vinyl floor

cleaning tips    Dec 12,2017

Vinyl flooring is the first choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is a waterproof and easy to clean. Vinyl is a modest and economical, the floor gives more attractive looks and also the floors are more comfortable to walk because the vinyl floor contains a cushioned core. So, you should take certain care and clean on your vinyl floor, which will help you to get an enormous look and maintain its original polish on your floor for many years. Prevent the appeal to blast away the dirt with the help of heavy cleaners. Rather, clean your vinyl floor using the gentle methods. Stretch or vacuum the floor every evening, and clean up the spills proper away. Use the broom or vacuum to clean the dirt from the floor, if may the dust didn't clean use a mop with lukewarm water.

Dirt and chemicals




Avoid the dirt and chemicals with a doormat. It will help you to keep out the vinyl floors from two major enemies: dirt and chemicals. Tracked-in dirt means extra broom time. The dirt layer will act like a sandpaper, it is easy to remove from the floor. And although you cannot see them, chemicals from bitumen are stick first to your shoes or feet and then to your floor,  So use doormat to avoid all these things.

Floor clean




Maintain your floors neat. Get off the dirt before it placed in the ground, and your vinyl will last longer life. Mop frequently, It will keep your floor clean.

Clean the stains


stains on vinyl floor


Use a shampoo absent hairspray on your vinyl floor, merely shampoo it away. The shampoo or hairspray works on your hair or doesn’t it? Mix a pour of shampoo with a cup of warm water and apply it on the stains over the floor and a few minutes later wash off the stains with a damp mop.

Low impact techniques


cleaning techniques


Use a low-impact cleaning technique to clean your floor. Avoid the temptation to blow away the dirt with technical cleaners. Instead, clean your vinyl floor with a gentle possible method. Clean the floor every evening and wipe up the spots right away. To clean dirt first apply the broom or vacuum method it didn't get then use the mop dampened with hot—water or use soap, but surely the soap is designed for the vinyl flooring.





Use the cleanser to maintain a new look of your floor. If your no-wax vinyl requires cleaning, rinse it with a cleaner made particularly for no-wax floors. If your vinyl floor requires waxing, clean it with lukewarm water and soap. Make wet a mop or sponge with the mixture, and brush the floor just plenty to unbind the dirt. Try not to abrade the wax because you will just have to again apply it. Rinse with clean, cool water or hot water isn't mattered what the soap label says didn't need rinsing— in another way you will leave a silt on the floor.

Avoid the drench




Water from an excessively wet mop will work its way into the cracks, joints, and edges of the floor. Once the water will enter the floor, it will destroy the glue binding that holds down the vinyl, causing it to come sloppy or corners to curl with bends.

Remove soap


soap spots


Rinse properly to remove all soap. It may get your floor clean, but the soap crust leaves a film that will collect the dirt. So, your floor must require a serious cleaning, stick to wet mopping with just water. When you want to clean the floor, use 2 mops one for washing and a second one is just for rinsing.

Keeps shine on vinyl floor


vinyl floor


Freeze the shine of your floor. No wax means don’t wax. No-wax vinyl floor is coating with polyurethane to makes it shine. Wax won’t obey well to the coating and will leave a mess that you will have to strip off. Maybe the no-wax floor will lose its shine, restore with a polish or sealant made for no-wax vinyl flooring. Ensure the floor is extremely clean and apply one or two thin layers to maintain your floor shining at least a year with only daily damp mopping. Maybe your floor is an old floor and it requires waxing with lack of sheen then wax it with a certain amount. It is called for on the container label.

Floor protector


floor protectors


Ensemble your furniture and large appliances with securing feet. The weight of large and heavy items (such as tables and refrigerators) takes over permanent places in your kitchen can scrape vinyl flooring. Prevent these scrapes use floor protectors like wheels, carpets and felts. Those are available in hardware stores and home-improvement centers.

Plywood path


plywood path


Before moving the big appliances put them on a plywood path. Moreover than not, when you replace or move appliances, you will drag or push them over the floor rather than lift them but drag them will make a scratch and scuff on your vinyl flooring. To maintain your vinyl floor in the best condition, place a piece of plywood sheet in a route way that will help you to take out from the room and push or walk the appliances out ahead the plywood path.


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