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Natural  Bathroom cleaning tips
Natural  Bathroom cleaning tips

Natural Bathroom cleaning tips

cleaning tips    Nov 13,2017

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in any house. It can also be the dirtiest as its always occupied and used. It’s often the last room that gets cleaned and one of the first to get messy. If you keep the bathroom clean and tidy throughout the week, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it at one time during a free day. You can break the bathroom into several areas so it is easier to clean.


Cleaning the shower


shower cleaning


Most people in the family take a shower or bath once or twice a day, You might think that because there is so much water in the shower it would stay clean. However the water that sits in the shower can create mold if it is not removed. Using a clean cloth wipe the walls of the shower in the morning to get rid of excess water. You can hang a shower caddy in the corner of the shower that will hold shampoo and conditioner bottles. When a bottle is empty throw it away instead of keeping it.


Cleaning the toilet


toilet cleanig


Everyone in the home uses the toilet in the bathroom. Not only the toilet gets dirty but  collects the germs. House cleaning professionals and plumbers warn against drop in tank cleaners and air fresheners but you can opt for an in bowl cleaning device or agent. This will help keep the bowl fresh and clean after flush. Once a week you should use a toilet brush and scrub the inside rim of the toilet with a disinfecting cleaner.


Cleaning the Floors


floor cleaning


Unless the floor in the washroom has anything spilled on it, a simple sweep of the floor will commonly keep it clean. You can use a broom or dust mop to go over and collect the dust that has gathered. Any rugs in the bathroom can be washed as they get dirty.


Cleaning the medicine cabinet


cleaning medicine cabinet


Cleaning the medicine cabinet is the easiest job in the bathroom. To clean the mirror use a soft cloth and window cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the glass and gently wipe it away. Monitor the bottles in the cabinet. Throw away any medications that are expired or bottles that are empty.


Cleaning the sink


sink cleaning


Toothpaste residue builds up on the sink surface with daily brushing. Take a quick minute to wipe down the sink each day with a wipe, sponge or washcloth to prevent a harder to clean mess later.

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