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Must Have Cleaning Products For Winter Season
Must Have Cleaning Products For Winter Season

Must Have Cleaning Products For Winter Season

cleaning tips    Nov 06,2017

As the weather changes the cleaning products requirement also changes. Having the right cleaning products at home during the cold months means cleaning is made much easier. In Addition to cleaning products, there are things you can do when the cold winds begin to blow to keep the home warm with clean air circulating properly.


Below are few tips on products to have as winter approaches



1: Clothes


With everything so full of static in the cold months, the last thing you want is to be using a lint ridden cloth to clean. Everyone should have a multi purpose cleaning cloth handy for every room. Cleaning is a cinch if you have the supplies nearby.


2: Daily things 


Daily habits are a good thing. For instance putting away the dishes after they are dry and making your bed every morning are good habits. You will save yourself from having a lot of work all lumped together at the end of the week. It is also a good habit to have things like paper towels at hand in case of spills. If cleaning isn’t your strength or you are pressed for time finding a company that offers home cleaning packages might be a good option for you.


3: Spray bottles  with essential oil 


It is better to have a spritz of essential oil infused water in winter. You can also use a few drops of any essential oil you love the smell. Lavender is particularly soothing while eucalyptus is fresh smelling and deodorizing. Citrus scents like lemon or orange also perk up space.


4: Deep cleaning 


Cleaning is not done everywhere on a daily basis as no one likes to pull out furniture and appliances to clean underneath and behind them, but it can be done once a month so that it will make the home smell much more pleasant. If you are more keen on the environment there are loads of products on the market that aren’t harmful to anyone or as well as pets. There is also a possibility of making your own. Water and vinegar is a great cleaner.


5: Get Ready for spring


Any weather will never last longer even winter. Keeping the home spic and span will make the time seem like its flying. Round about the end of February turn your thoughts to spring. If you get a few sunny days open a window or two for a while to get some fresh air in. Get rid of some winter items, including old products that have been hibernating in the cupboards.

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