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How to Clean Toilets and Urinals Properly
How to Clean Toilets and Urinals Properly

How to Clean Toilets and Urinals Properly

cleaning tips    Jan 04,2018

When these jobs are done, it is time for the cleaners to start working on the bathroom components that are often the main culprits of poor hygiene: toilet and urinal commodes. The toilet cleaning process involves the use of commode cleaners and a brush or swab. Using a swab will help cleaners reduce the clicking of water that can occur when using a toilet brush. To properly clean and disinfect the toilet and urinal commodes to have a clean, healthy and sanitary bathroom.



  • Precaution, safety, and wet floorboards
  • Disinfectant sprays - hospital quality
  • Janitorial Trolleys
  • Latex gloves / Nitrile / synthetic / vinyl
  • Paper napkins
  • Plastic buckets and buckets
  • Protective glasses
  • Toilet bowl cleaners

1. Prepare the toilets

toilet cleaning

Gather all your necessary toilet cleaning supplies and place them on your janitor cart. Follow the appropriate toilet cleaning instruction guide. Place the closed panel of your restroom or block it with your concierge cart. Support the door open, so that any potential user can see that the toilets are currently being cleaned. Put on a pair of protective gloves and safety glasses. Remove items that can be stored in the toilet.

2. Cleaning the toilet

toilet cleaning

With the toilet seat down (if there is one), flush the toilet. Use a bucket filled with water and throw water in the toilet. This will flush the toilet and will not fill the normal water level. With the water level lowered, clean your bowl and throw it under the lip of the edge of the toilet. Let the bowl cleaner sit on the bowl while you clean the outside of the toilet. Use a disinfectant cleaner to wipe the outside of the toilet. Sponges are not recommended because of the potential for the spread of bacteria in other areas. Disinfecting wipes, disposable cloths or paper towels are best for wiping the toilet. Start at the top and go down to the floor, carefully cleaning and disinfecting the toilet commode. Use your toilet brush to thoroughly rub the inside of the toilet, including under the rim flush and the discharge chute. Flush.

3. Cleaning the urinal

cleaning urinal

Rinse the urinal commode inner surfaces. Remove all screens or urinal blocks, and other foreign materials. Use the same bowl cleaner and inject a solid spray along the rising edge of the urinal. Allow the solution to run on the inside surface of the urinal while wiping the outer surfaces with a disinfectant wipe or disinfectant cleaner and a disposable cloth or paper towel. Be sure to wipe the hoses and rinse the handle. Rub the inside surface of the urinal with your bowl brush, taking care to scrub all surfaces thoroughly. Rinse the urinal. Place the new urinal screen or block at the bottom of the urinal. Which will consequently clean the urinal dividers, take out the funneling, and inflate from the bathroom for a whole month. Few specks of dirt will extend your toilet cleaning times and need to be replaced every month.

4. Clean

toilet cleaning

Be sure to clean and wipe all external surfaces, including walls and skirting boards, which may have become over sprayed. Properly dispose of all disinfecting wipes, rags or paper towels. Rinse the brush and bucket. Take off your protective gloves and discard them. If they are not a disposable pair, make sure they are properly labeled for toilet use only to avoid cross-contamination. Take off the safety glasses and clean. Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect.

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