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How to Choose right Cleaning Service ??
How to Choose right Cleaning Service ??

How to Choose right Cleaning Service ??

cleaning tips    Nov 14,2017

Keeping our homes clean and tidy can be never ending chore that consume much of our free time. If your life seems to revolve around mopping floors, vacuuming, dusting and changing bed linens, hiring a home cleaning service may be the solution.


Maid services by trained professional house cleaner’s house cleaners are available in wide range of choices including


1. Regularly scheduled weekly cleanings

2. Regularly scheduled biweekly cleanings

3. One time assistance on special occasions

4. Demanding cleaning tasks like garage and basement cleaning


Cleaning service options


cleaning services


You can rely on online referral services to sift through local maid services and connect you with the best qualified, pre screened specialists for your project. Most of these professional cleaning services are fully insured and bonded and will provide estimates. Typically standard house cleaning packages include:


  1. Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen areas
  2. Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Dusting
  5. Changing bed linens
  6. Loading dishwashers


Special house cleaning services are often available for larger jobs such as garage cleaning, post moving or construction clean up.  Follow the steps below to ensure hiring a cleaning service goes smoothly

1. Interview several cleaning services 


Before hiring a cleaning service, interview several companies or cleaning people. Ask for references and check them. After all these people will be spending time in your home and you must be comfortable with them. Mainly, trust is a very important point since the cleaning person or team will have access to your house.

2.  Cleaning equipment


It is common for your house cleaning person or team to arrive at your home equipped with all the necessary supplies for the job such as cleaning solvents, brushes, brooms and vacuums. In some times, a cleaning service people will request to use the homeowners supplies.

3. Designate areas 


It’s a good idea to spend a few minutes to note which areas of your home will be included in your scheduled cleaning. If it is important to have a different areas given special attention every time, confirm that you can find a cleaning service which accepts your requests and prior to each visit will be sure to leave a list of problem areas.

4. Payment 


Payment arrangements should be discussed before your first cleaning. The service might have an established system in place already. If not decide if you want to pay after each visit or monthly base. Must clear about the services means what included in the cleaning service prices and what is expected.

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