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Home cleaning: Tips that make cleaning easy
Home cleaning: Tips that make cleaning easy

Home cleaning: Tips that make cleaning easy

cleaning tips    Dec 20,2017

If you don't have the cleaning habit, your home will be is messy. Why wait to clean up? Instead, make it easier for yourself by creating cleaning and organizing habits throughout the year, it will not seem like such a big project to mark your to-do list. Make your cleaning easy with these following cleaning tips.


1. Be realistic: Do not try to tackle the whole house in one day.  Try to complete a full room so that you feel you have achieved something. If you want to complete one day then consult the home cleaners. 


home cleaning


2. Collect all the clutter in the room before starting to clean. Have some trash bins next to you so you can sort the things you want to store, sort, give to a charity store or throw away. Be ruthless with toys that children have not played within a long time: they will never notice!


3. Make a list of the areas you want to concentrate on and the cleaning products you will need and take a few suggestions from home cleaners about the home cleaning products. Always start from the top down, either in the whole house or in a single room.


clutter cleaning


4. Gather your arsenal. Get a cart for the home and fill it with all the essentials so you can take them from one room to another instead of having to go back to the kitchen. To clean your home or for shifting you need equipment like gloves, Kitchen towels, Duster/e-cloth, Polish, Cream cleaner, Bleach, Old toothbrush, and much more. 


5. Dust walls and ceilings first with your vacuum cleaner's upholstery brush or an extensible dusting brush. Wipe the painted walls and woodwork with a damp cloth. Use a very dilute liquid solution to remove stubborn stains - first check a small, hidden room to make sure the surface is not damaged. Few times it is difficult to clean the walls and ceiling then take a help from home cleaners. 


cleaning walls


6. Remove dust near fitting bulbs with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. For ceiling fans, use an extensible cloth. To clean dirty bulbs, slightly moist your cloth with vinegar.


Caution: Make sure the light bulbs are cool to the touch and your hands are dry. 


7. Move your furniture such as beds, sofas, and cabinets and leave a good gap in the area before replacing them. Polish furniture and check for repairs, such as draws or ring marks. Revive the surface of natural woods, such as pine, with a wood cleaner with nourishing oil like Liquid Gold. At difficult times approach home cleaners and get a perfect move and clean your furniture.  


8. Refresh bedrooms: Rotate and fold mattresses unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Wash duvets, pillows and pillow shams or take them to the dry cleaner. Vacuum the mattresses. 


carpet cleaning


9. Thoroughly clean carpets. Vacuum everywhere, especially around skirting boards and under furniture. Shampoo the carpets,  you can hire machines (like Rug Doctor) in DIY stores or call home cleaners. Shake the rugs and hang them in the open air. 


10. Clean windows and patio doors thoroughly, but make sure the weather is cloudy. If the weather is too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too quickly and you will have traces. Use a brand squeegee or spray. 

 books cleaning


11. Do not forget to clean books and shelves. Remove everything from the shelves and perform with a soft cloth and furniture wax suitable for the shelf. Sprinkle all books carefully before replacing them. It seems like hard work, but it's worth the effort. 


12. Along with the kitchen, it is likely that the bathroom will be cleaned more frequently, but take the time to eliminate any clutter and check the cabinets to dispose of obsolete medications (check that they are disposed of safely). Wash thoroughly or replace worn bath mats and shower curtains. 


kitchen cleaning


13. Give the kitchen a good cleaning. Check all your cupboards and discard any outdated food. Clean the cabinets and line new paper. Look at all your equipment and evaluate if you really need it: if not, sell it or take it to the charity store. Clean the refrigerator and freezer.


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