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Floor cleaning: smart tips to remove stains from your carpet
Floor cleaning: smart tips to remove stains from your carpet

Floor cleaning: smart tips to remove stains from your carpet

home cleanliness    Jan 19,2018

Carpet floor is one of the best materials to guarantee lasting beauty, comfort, and durability. However, it requires regular floor cleaning for perfect hygiene and the shelf life of the carpet. The carpets are quite versatile and one of the most comprehensive home decoration items. In addition, it has a great functional value, especially in colder climates. The carpet floor has comfort and multiple options for each home.

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With these enduring characteristics, your carpet must be properly maintained with a regular floor cleaning that makes you feel comfortable with a healthy environment. Regular floor cleaning of carpets is very advantageous to your family.

For unusual carpet stains, you can follow these smart and simple tips to eliminate:

Water-based spills - for water-based spills, club soda works well. Removing a wine stain from the carpet floor cleaning tips

1. Club gas dribble in the stain.

2.  Let it rest for a moment.

3. Then, erase to remove the stain.

If the dye still persists, here you can try one of the methods:

Persistent spills based on water, blood paint and latex -

1. Mix half a teaspoon of dish detergent/hand wash liquid with a pint of water, and press with your fingers into the stained area. Soak the stain with warm water and dry.

2. If still, the stain continues, then apply a little water, fold the paper towel and place on the stain with the weight.

3. Continue checking the paper towel for every five minutes or until it is free of stains.

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Dark colored liquids (wine, cranberry juice) -

1. Soak the stain with clear, warm water and dry.

2. Apply hydrogen peroxide and blot (this is usually for food coloring stains).

3. If the stain still persists, apply 2 (HO) again, followed immediately by domestic ammonia.


1. Use this procedure only for white or medium-white carpets.

2. Try a small hidden area first to make sure that solutions 2 (HO) do not cause any adverse effects to the color or texture of the carpet.  

Chocolate, coffee, fat, and ink-

1. Apply alcohol or dry cleaning solvent to the stain and dry immediately.

2. Nail polish: remove the enamel by applying a nail polish remover on the stain and dry it immediately with a paper towel. Repeat the same until it is free of spots.

3. Ultimately, the vacuum to restore the texture of the carpet, also the entire area to dry completely.


1. Continue until it disappears. Continue repeating the procedure until the stain disappears.

2. The longer you wait for the stain to come out of the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it. Then, act before when it is still wet. Avoid walking on the clean stain until it dries completely.


Wear rubber gloves while using chemicals just to be careful.

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