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Floor cleaning: Best tips for carpet cleaning without chemicals
Floor cleaning: Best tips for carpet cleaning without chemicals

Floor cleaning: Best tips for carpet cleaning without chemicals

home cleanliness    Jan 02,2018

In general, floor cleaning is very important in houses because it is one of the attraction parts of your house. Especially, carpets are the important portion of floors. When the carpet is soft under the foot and also the visual softness that adds to the decor of your home. But the dirt. Stains this is definitely the disadvantage of carpet. And the carpet in the family room needs a good cleaning. In fact, if the truth is said, it needs to be replaced! There are stains on this carpet that do not come out.  This may be due to the fact that sometimes, use the family room as a do-it-yourself area and some of these stains are dying, painting and staining. So here are five ways to your carpet floor cleaning without mysterious chemicals, so that you can have peace of mind and a fresh and flawless home.


Home cleaner with vinegar




You knew it was only a matter of time before white vinegar appeared on the list, did you? Distilled white vinegar is a secret weapon to keep in the pantry. Here is a recipe for carpet floor cleaning that includes white vinegar, baking soda, and salt.


Deodorize with essential oils


baking soda


Another secret weapon to clean is baking soda. A simple carpet floor cleaning powder consisting of half a cup of baking soda with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil will quickly deodorize your carpet. Sprinkle on the carpet and let stand at least half an hour, or longer if possible, then vacuum. You can also use this process on the carpets of your car, a good tip after this difficult winter.


Carpet floor cleaning machine


carpet cleaning


Vacuum the same place in four different ways, or clean the stains with the help of stain removals. Sometimes,  floor cleaning requires a carpet cleaning machine. If you have a house that is largely carpeted and you have pets and children to clean after, purchase a carpet cleaning machine or vacuum cleaner with different floor cleaning options. Depth is quite logical.


If you do not have a high traffic house, renting a carpet floor cleaning machine can do the trick. Just do not buy the carpet floor cleaning fluid that is generally encouraged by the machine's instructions, instead, do the one listed below!


Home detergent cleaner


home cleaners


Isn't it great when you can get a two-for-one deal? With this homemade carpet cleaner, you can save money and know exactly what's going on in the cleaner. A cleaner will be cashed roughly at the gallon water price. While this includes detergents and stain removers, at least you'll know exactly what's going on.


Hire professional home cleaners

professional cleaners

Sometimes you do not have the time or the will to create your own homemade solutions and concoctions. You already have enough on your schedule, and learning to clean carpets is not a priority. Fortunately, more and more professional carpet cleaners are becoming aware of the need for environmentally safe floor cleaning for children and pets. Make sure to do your research on professionals who claim to be organic or chemical free, unfortunately, use the terms loosely. So, when the spot cleaning and regular vacuuming will not cut it, there are plenty of options for thoroughly cleaning your carpet.

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