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Floor cleaning: 11 ways to clean the carpet floor
Floor cleaning: 11 ways to clean the carpet floor

Floor cleaning: 11 ways to clean the carpet floor

home cleanliness    Jan 09,2018

Every profession contains its own insider terminology, and carpet floor cleaning is no exception. Here are 12 ways you must know before cleaning your carpet floor.

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1. Browning - The effect created when spots reappear because dirt or old dark spots appear on the mat surface. 

2. Builder - Compounds added to carpet floor cleaning solutions to soften water and increase the cleaning efficiency. 

3. Cloud - The effect created when the carpet is wet and the residue of past carpet floor cleaning solutions rise to the surface, creating a cloudy effect.

4. Digester - An enzyme-based cleanser that breaks down or digests stains to make them easier to remove.

5. Fiber - The main material used in the stack of carpets. The type of fiber is important because it determines cleaning methods and solutions. About 90% of the carpet is made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, while about 10% is made of natural fibers such as wool, bamboo or silk.

6. Grooming - Some cleaners use this term to describe the process of applying a pretreatment and working in the carpet fibers with a grooming tool. Others use it to refer to the final step where a grooming tool is used to dispense the final protective treatments and remove the cleaning marks, fluff the pile and produce a smooth, even appearance.

7. Mat - Areas that have a crushed appearance because the carpet fibers have been flattened and entangled by the constant movement of pedestrians or heavy trucks.

8. Nap - The direction in which the carpet fibers are woven into the backing creates a nap, so the light reflects differently when the carpet is viewed from different angles. The carpet is laid with the nap in the same direction for a homogeneous appearance, and professionals often clean the carpet "with the nap" to preserve its overall appearance.

9. Oxidizer - This class of cleaner reacts with oxygen and is used to remove stains such as coffee, urine or those caused by dark furniture. Oxidizers are effective on a variety of stains and most carpet fibers, but they can damage wool fibers and cause yellowing over time.

10. POG - This acronym refers to carpet-safe stain removers formulated to remove paint, oil, and grease (POG).

11. Reducer - This is a cleaning solution that removes or reduces oxygen levels in stains, making them easier to remove. Reducers are less likely to turn yellow, they are often used on wool carpets. They are effective against a variety of colored spots, especially those produced by food, beverages, and artificial food colors.

12. Stripper - This insider term describes cleaning agents that reduce or strip the oxygen levels of stains and stains, making them easier to remove or minimize their appearance. Many professionals avoid this term because customers find it confusing.

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