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Carpet cleaning: Easy & simple ways to clean
Carpet cleaning: Easy & simple ways to clean

Carpet cleaning: Easy & simple ways to clean

cleaning tips    Jan 12,2018

In a home, carpet provides more benefits to you as a flooring material like to protect your floor, Sometimes in home stains spills in the carpet those are turned as difficult stains when more traffic in your home. So you should learn how to clean carpets with suction, deep carpet cleaning and stain removal methods to help your carpets look and last longer.

Rugs heat a home by adding color, pattern, and texture. Regular suction provides the first line of defense against dirt and sand that damages carpet fibers. But carpets also need regular cleaning to keep them at their best. Plan to wash the carpet thoroughly every 12 to 18 months, more often in high traffic areas. If you have light colored carpets and/or children or pets, clean your carpets two or three times a year. Always follow the carpet manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Test of colorfastness


The Colorfast mat does not bleed, fade, or change when you clean it or remove stains. Whether colorfast or not can change the carpet cleaning method or the products you choose. Here's how to pre-test your carpet to see if it's colored.

First find a piece of rug or a discreet place, like a rug in a closet. Vacuum the carpet. Moisten a cloth with the cleanser or stain remover you wish to use.
Lay the fabric on the carpet for an hour, then wipe the wet area with a dry white cloth. If the fabric is dyed with carpet dyes, test other carpet cleaners until you find one that does not bleed the carpet sample.

How to clean the carpet

Remove the furniture from carpet cleaning room with the help of your partner because to give a security to your furniture. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Use a rental cleaner if recommended by the carpet manufacturer - or have it cleaned professionally. Might you choose a wet strategy method, ensure that the carpet will dry completely within 24 hours to prevent the mold or mildew in the carpet or upholstery.

carpet cleaning

Own a carpet cleaning system

If you have light colored carpets and/or a house full of children or animals, you can buy your own professional style model designed for home use. The carpet cleaners are saved your money in the long run future compared to hiring a professional cleaner several times a year. Keep in mind, however, that the unit you buy may not have the carpet floor cleaning power that professional models do.

Method of extracting water

Mostly carpet cleaning systems are water distillation units those are nothing as steam cleaners. The cleaners work to clean the carpet by injecting a solution into the stack of carpets and then pulling the dirty solution into the machine. To avoid the hassle of sliding a pipe around the house, opt for a model that does not require a clean water connection. In addition, choose the most powerful carpet floor cleaning machine that you can afford to ease the burden of extracting water.

Caution: Do not wet the carpets too much at steam cleaner using time. Because of over-wetting damages the carpet support and underlay, then the result is shrinkage, discoloration, and odor.

Dry extraction method

carpet dry cleaner

Other home cleaning systems use a dry extraction strategy to clean carpets. Initially, you should apply a dry absorbent mixture on the cleaned carpet, then vacuum the carpet with the help of floor cleaning machine. Although they generally work better than steam cleaners, dryers and chemicals are more expensive than vapors and wet extraction solutions.

Carpet cleaner rental

You can rent a professional-grade steam cleaner from a grocery store or a rental center because of the extra power. With rental fees and the price of cleaning solutions (shampoo, antifoam, stain removers, stain removers, etc.), a rental machine can quickly deplete your budget. But it can be a better value if your carpets do not show dirt, your kids are grown, or you do not have any pets on all fours.

Hire a cleaning professional

professional cleaner

When hiring professionals, you will have the choice between steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Each method - if treated by a trained professional - will work wonders for dirty carpets. Not only do professionals have much more carpet floor cleaning equipment than you might buy or rent, but they also have a lot more experience with carpet stains. Prices can vary considerably by essentially the same service, so shop carefully.

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