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Best way to save time while cleaning
Best way to save time while cleaning

Best way to save time while cleaning

cleaning tips    Nov 10,2017

Let's talk about time! We have 24 hours in a day and we devote that precious time to many things. Many of us spend most of the day at work and when we get home we try to fit everything else. Make time for your family, make time for your friends, make time to cook and to clean. It can be difficult to try to do everything within 5 hours. The best part is that you can outsource those additional tasks to another person. Take for example cleaning, that's where Spotless home can help, but how much time would you save when you hire a cleaning service?  We are going to explain that in this article!


Living room


living romm



Living room will differ depending on the family and the size of the room, but we will make some assumptions to resolve this. A quick breakdown of what you need do: dust, vacuum, clean the cushions, clean the TV and save the random elements that always come together in the living room. We will move on and we will stay with your reputation of being quick with in 45 minutes.




kitchen cleaning


Cooking is not an easy task. There is so much, that makes the mess really build up. You have to clean your counters and cabinets, clean the stove and make the sink shine, mop the floors and if you feel really ambitious, clean the oven. That's not easy and it's certainly not fun, but the worst part is Cleaning the kitchen is a shit of time! It takes the average person an hour and a half to give their kitchen a good cleaning. That hour and a half could be spent with the kiddos or working on that puzzle that you bought 2 years ago but you never finished.






Is it possible to clean the bathrooms without some hesitation before stepping in? You know that this little room is home to so many germs and mystery stains that it takes you at least a ten minutes to amp yourself up before ever laying a rag down. It takes the average person 1 hour to get the bathroom really shining.




bedroom cleaning


Of course, the cleaning time of the bedroom can vary according to the person who lives there. You still need to take some time for dusting, vacuum, make the bed and pick up the mess quickly. so we'll say you can do the job in 45 minutes.


Now let's add it up! To clean your house, you are looking for about 4 hours on average. There are still many things to consider that could add even more time to that number! Imagine what you could do with 4 hours? Learn to juggle, be really good at jumping rope, teach children how to tie their shoes, the possibilities are endless! The easiest (and quickest) way is with Spotless home, you will not even have to check the clock!


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